Primary School Workshops


Brave Bold Drama is often found in primary schools, supporting the curriculum as well as enriching special events such as Book Week. Sometimes we are simply requires to facilitate workshops, but often we like start with a short, engaging performance which leads onto an interactive workshop.


Here's a flavour of the kind of workshops we have already run in primary schools. You can have one of these too, but if you need something specific, we are happy to create something bespoke for you.


If you like the look of our work, you should know that we can also turn your school into a pop-up family theatre! We tour our family theatre shows to schools. Either book us during the school day for your students or you could have us as a unique after-school theatrical experience for your children and their families to enjoy together. 

"Pippa the Painter"


Meet "Pippa", a painter and decorator who has just started an evening course in Fine Art. Her teacher has set her some pretty tricky homework and she needs your students' help. She's not much good at understanding paintings, but she's really good at dressing up games. 


"Pippa" has her own collection of fine art pictures including Van Gogh, Magritte and Madox Brown, but if your students are studying the work of a particular artist, she can bring pictures by that artist.


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Historical Hotseats


Give your students an exciting start to their new history topic! Your students can meet, listen to and question a historical  character before their learning is developed and reinforced with drama activities.

Movement Workshops



Haka! is a high-energy 90 minute workshop which enables students to focus on and celebrate what makes them a team.


Taking the All Blacks' Haka as a starting point, students will learn the haka performed by the New Zealand team, and by the end of the workshops will have written their own team chant and choreographed the moves to go with it!


Haka! is great for bonding a group, exploring different cultures, and gets group poetry-writing in there for good measure.

Ashputtel vs Cinders


Designed to support a primary school's Book Week, we created a unique workshop combining a performance of Ashputtel before asking the students to use drama to compare and analyse the story with the more familiar version, Cinderella.


“Thank you so much for the great morning we had with 'Claudia'. We learned so much about the Romans. The children loved the activities."

Thank you for the Mrs Pepys' Diary workshops. They absolutely loved it. It really brought the event to life for them and then helped with their extended writing. Brilliant! 

Claudia is making socks for her Roman soldier son Magnus.


Magnus has been recently posted to the Vindolanda Fort in the North of England, near Hadrian's Wall, and wrote a postcard to Claudia asking her to send socks because he is finding the weather in England rather cold!

Thank you for the Vera workshop. It was quite uncanny when you first appeared in our classroom in the Nurse's uniform. Using photographs of the actual people you were telling us about really helped them realise this actually happened."

"You are a really good actress. I was really surprised when you stopped talking like Vera. I thought you were real!"

Need an historical hotseat workshop for a period in history not mentioned here? Not a problem! We can research and make a new one just for you. Let us know what you need here.

Meet Vera Brittain and hear her story, how she gave up study to become a nurse as well as the impact of the Great War on the lives of her brother and fiance.


Following the monologue, students question Vera further, as well as exploring Nursing Recruitment posters from the period in order to investigate and discuss the issue of propaganda.


Mrs Pepys

Vera: First World War Nurse

it's amazing to think they could make something that looked that professional in only 5 hours. It's so different from the kind of drama they're used too. Fantastic!

Just wanted to say thank you so much! The children gave a truly professional performance and everyone was so engaged . It was really magical to see children so young performing  in such a mature manner. This was down to your fantastic gift to bring the best from your students.                                                                           

Devising Residencies


10-20 students attend an hour's rehearsal each week. Together we devise a performance on a specific topic selected by you. These projects work best if the age-range of students attending is limited (e.g. Years 1-3, Year 4-6) or a single year group. 


There must be an opportunity at the end of the project for the students to perform their work publicly, perhaps in assembly or to parents and friends after school.


Devised projects can be between 5-6 weeks in length, and can be about anything! At Chewton Mendip Primary we have delivered four devising residencies and created pieces about the First World War, a traditional Indian story, the monsters found in Ancient Greek Myths and the story of the Gingerbread Man.

"The juniors’ play ‘Turn Back and Look Beneath’ was strikingly emotive. I can’t believe how much you achieved in only 5 weeks! It is lovely that the students have developed the content themselves. Brilliant!”

You kept even our more challenging students completely focused and engaged for the entire 90 minutes! They have loved making their own Year 6 Haka and are very proud of it. They're excited about performing it at their final assembly when they say goodbye to the rest of the school!

They had no idea about Samba before, yet they suggested some really good moves for their routine about their relationship with open green spaces. I was very impressed with the maturity of their responses. Such an unusual idea but really effective. 

Elizabeth Pepys also wrote a diary. Hear her account of the events of 1666 before your students use drama to explore how the fire started, how people responded to the tragedy, and how the authorities ensured it could never happen again.

Whenever I looked into the hall, the children, whether they were Nursery or Year 6, were just spellbound by your storytelling performance. You engaged them so completely.

Whenever I looked into the hall, the children, whether they were Nursery or Year 6, were just spellbound by your storytelling performance. You engaged them so completely.

It was so inspiring! The students totally understood why they were doing the drama activities afterwards and loved it. I'm going to use lots more drama in my lessons now I've seen how effective it is!



Samba! introduces students to the street samba dance form, bringing a little bit of Rio to your school hall.


First, students learn some basic samba moves, and learn about how behind all the feathers, samba is often used as a protest dance.


Samba! culminates with students choreographing their own Samba routine to express their own ideas about a specific issue. This is where Samba! connects neatly with your PSHE topics in a fresh, innovative way.

To see my son concentrating like that on stage was just marvellous. This has been such a positive experience for him. He has found a way to show us what he can really do!

My daughter has shown nothing but enthusiasm for this project. She has loved being a part of it! 

Parents, grandparents and teachers talk about our devising residencies

It's been great for my son's confidence. And the piece was so creative, expressive and professional. We are very impressed!

Headteacher, St Peter's Primary, Bishopsworth
Newly Qualified Teacher, St Peter's Primary, Bishopsworth
Headteacher, St John's Primary, Keynsham
Year 1 teacher, Southville Primary, Bedminster

Whenever I see you rehearsing the children the atmosphere is buzzing, exciting but also really professional. You demand high standards and the children respond so well to that.