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Within the confines of his bedroom George can conjure pre-historic beasts and subterranean mythical creatures . . . all the while slipping through a black hole into other-worldly dimensions.


All these imaginings are just for fun, until George is summoned to protect the Ancient Spirits of the Imaginees. Harnessing his magical powers against those that seek to dim the dazzling light of creativity - join George as he stretches ideas into even more fantastical brand new shapes.

A globe-trotting quest bursting at the seams with magical illuminations and original music - in a tale about how limitless imagination can be (and how it can get you into a spot of bother sometimes!)

George and the Flight of the Imaginees is a love note to the imagination of creatives and also to the underdog - who’s never fitted the mould and inescapably defies convention.

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