Our songs have been heard at:
Musicians on the Run
Greenlight hosted by Inkling Productions
Bordeaux Quay Restaurant, Bristol Harbour
Sounding City Project
Architecture Centre, Bristol Harbourside
Sharp Teeth's Scratch Nights
The Wardrobe Theatre, Old Market
Growing Pains
by Gill Simmons for Peter Pan

Sample some of our songs

Dance with the Devil
by Gill Simmons & Paul Lawless
for Sharp Teeth at the Wardrobe Theatre
Unsung Community Songs
by Gill Simmons for Kilter Theatre
Avona Shanty
by Gill Simmons
for the Festival of Nature, June 2016
We build community songwriting in to a lot of our projects.
We like to gather snippets, quotes and anedotes and turn these into lyrics for new songs.
It's a great way to include lots of people in the creative process.
Our Avona Shanty is a great example of this. We called out for stories about people's personal connections to the Avon River, and received over fifty different individual river stories as part of our Avona Project for the Festival of Nature, June 2016.
But we take other commissions too. We've even been asked to writing a new song for someone's wedding!
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by Gill Simmons for Hansel and Gretel
sung by Paul Lawless
Forest Lullaby
by Gill Simmons for Hansel and Gretel
sung by Joshua Phillips and Gill Simmons
APPily Ever After
Some of our songs are for Paul Lawless' solo performance art project, APPily Ever After.
These were first performed at The Pride Theatre Night at the Wardrobe Theatre in July 2016.
Appily Ever After is going on tour in the Summer 2017. Keep up to date with the show here.

We have gathered our favourite original songs together in a collection called

"Songs of Dry Wit and Wet Reverb"

which are being performed as part of the Southbank Bristol Arts Trail on Sun 14th May at Margot May Tearooms on North Street, Bedminster and at the Shaftesbury Fringe in June.