Our creative process


We love creating hand-made, engaging, bold and inspiring theatre for everyone. We specialise in devised theatre, and every production will feature a different combination of styles, techniques and theatrical conventions. We don't have a "house style." Every show is unique.


We love creating close-up, detailed monologues in intimate and unconventional performance spaces. But equally we love big visual physical work in full mask for street theatre. We've borrowed from Japanese Butoh and Bollywood dance. Sometimes we need to be naturalistic. Sometimes it's all about movement and physical theatre. 


We're also extremely broad-minded about the content of our theatre. We've made shows about the future and shows about the past. We've made shows about the biorhythms of sunflowers, and shows about slavery. We make theatre for everyone, from the super-small upwards. We love young people's theatre, but it's not all we do by a long chalk.


We are also often called upon to run devising residencies in schools. We consider the resulting performances to be our productions too. 


Theatre can start from anywhere and be about anything. That's why we love it.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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