Peter Pan devised show, toured from November 2015 to April 2016

Audiences at Peter Pan said...


"My 4 year old was absolutely spellbound by this highly imaginative and extremely energetic production. It was amazing watching two people transform themselves into the entire cast of "Peter Pan" before our eyes ... with a little help from a willing audience!"


"It was really good fun. I liked it when Captain Hook died." - Jodie aged 4


"Captivating..the kids were mesmerised by all that was going on."


"You have such a talent to keep those children engaged like that. Not one of them lost interest for a moment."


"It was so funny when Captain Hook kissed my Daddy!"


"I didn't want it to end."


"Beautiful and thoughtful production."


"Imaginative original songs."


"Excellent! Mesmorising! Creative! Enchanting!"


"Magical! Really held the children's attention."


"I loved all of it. It was very adventurous."

Peter Pan Toured To...
The Space Theatre
St Peter's Primary School
Zion Community Space
Bedminster Down
Chewton Mendip Primary
Whitchurch Primary
Hungry Caterpillar PlayCafe Bedminster
South Devon Arts Centre
Victoria Hall
"Neverland is your imagination, a map of your mind. If you play it by day it is all make-believe, but dream it at night and it's very nearly real."
This devised version of Peter Pan devised and performed by Gill Simmons and Rachael Moon was a celebration of creativity and imagination. Fantastical worlds and characters appeared and vanished with a whirl of cloth, a well-spoken word or two, a light scattering of original songs and a little bit of fairy dust.
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