Ice Breaking and Team Building  


Drama is one of the best ways of bonding a group together to ensure they work effectively as a team. After a team-building workshop, your team will know each other better, understand how they like to work and what they find more challenging. They will have a shared experience that brings them all together. They will have had fun together. Whatever field you may work in, a drama workshop will give your team a boost!


You can try a Brave Bold Drama icebreaker once a month at a Networking with Freelance Mum meeting. 


Creative Ice-Breakers with Freelance Mum


Networking with Freelance Mum events happen monthly on Tuesday mornings at St Paul's Church, Coronation Road. They are designed to allow parents in business to network in a family friendly environment.


Each event has a theme which is connected to the guest speaker.


Brave Bold Drama is often invited to design and deliver a short, imaginative and creative ice-breaker activity at these networking events that get the parents thinking about the theme as well as, well getting to know each other!

Your icebreaker activities are such fun! Really different! I felt so uplifted afterwards that I felt I could do anything! You're so enthusiastic it's infectious. You clearly love what you do!

Attendee at Networking with Freelance Mum


Drama and Music in Care Homes


Gill worked as a drama facilitator for a project called "The Making of Me". This project was a partnership between the Courtyard Theatre, Hereford and Shaw Healthcare, and gave her training and experience in  developing and delivering immersive, stimulating drama workshops for residents in care homes. Paul also works regularly in care homes as a singer, and leads group singing as part of his session. 


If you are interested in extending your care home's activities programme to include some drama or music from Brave Bold Drama, we would like to hear from you.

"Ooh, drama! I like the sound of that! Anything a bit DIFFERENT!

"I love it because it doesn't follow a pattern. Every session is completely different. The drama workshops are a special event we all look forward to."

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Elsie, aged 83
Activities Co-Ordinator
Petersfield Care Home, Portishead
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