Imaginative play

At Brave Bold Drama we love play. So it was second nature for us to create sessions to support, nurture and enable high quality, immersive and imaginative play. 

“PlayTime is different from any other session I've been to. You held my daughter's attention so well. She loved it!

“We are acting out things from our storybooks at home a  lot more since coming to PlayTime.

Coming to PlayTime has helped me play more imaginatively with my son at home. You've given me lots of new ideas! We love coming!

PlayTime has exceeded my expectations! My son gains so much because the session is themed. We talk lots about what we have been thinking about at PlayTime afterwards."

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Parents, grandparents and carers talking about our playsessions

We are at Zion Community Space every Thursday morning from          10am - 11.30am with Kidcraft sessions.

Kidcraft sessions have a  range of craft activities, themed each week around a different story. Each month has a theme too. January 2017 was "New Things". February 2017 was "Love and Friendship". March is "Going Outside".

We also create an open-ended playful environment that builds on themes or images from the story for children to explore when they're waiting for the paint and glue to dry.

Kidcraft sessions culminate with a storytelling and song session.

All that for just £2 per child (additional children £1 each). 

Kidcraft sessions are drop-in only. Zion's cafe is open during Kidcraft sessions.

KidCraft every Thursday morning @ Zion

Zion Community Space

Bishopworth Road

Bedminster Down

BS13 7JW

"You have created such rich opportunities. Look how immersed my granddaughter is! It's delightful that you have the confidence to take the children's lead and allow them to shape the play."

"My children have such a lovely time at Kidcraft! She loves the making, but her favourite thing is choosing songs and singing them. She loves hearing the ukulele!"

"We often find ourselves carrying on playing games connected to the theme we explored at Kidcraft. It shapes our whole day!"

"You had such a wide range age of children at your Make Sunday Special stall but everyone was engaged, creating and happy. Brilliant!"

"My child went to bed in the superhero costume they made at your stall!"

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"You're such a fantastic storyteller! You hold the children spellbound with all the fantastic actions and different character's voices. I love watching them all sitting utterly engaged!"

More about why we love Imaginative Play

We know that "let’s pretend" imaginative play comes naturally to young children, and is essential to healthy development. We nurture and develop this natural creativity by creating open-ended, playful environments for children and their carers to explore together.

We use junk-modelling, painting, drawing, music, poems, stories, dressing up, whatever it takes to create a state of immersive play. 

We consider it essential that the carers who bring the children are just as immersed as their children. That way the play is more likely to continue at home, benefitting everyone.

Commission a bespoke PlayTime for your Nursery or Children's Centre

PlayTime sessions can be booked in a set or as one-offs. We can suggest themes or create a bespoke session to engage the children with a specific topic.

We can deliver PlayTimes in children's centres, nurseries, playgroups and at community events. 

We were awarded Bristol City Council Creative Seed Funding in 2015-2016 to run three PlayTime residencies, each of 10 weeks duration, at Southern Links, Hartcliffe & Knowle West Children's Centres. We have also had residencies at Redcliffe Children's Centre.

We are currently also running a funded PlayTime project in Victoria Hall for children at Radstock Nursery.

We are also funded to attend community events. We have taken creative play stalls to Make Sunday Special at Dundry View and Ashton Vale and at the Ashton Vale Hub. We are also regulars at the Keynsham Winter Festival and Keynsham Music Festival.

Council-funded PlayTimes


PlayTime sessions contain slightly less craft and slightly more role play games than Kidcraft, but they are very flexible things as we always follow the children's lead and pursue what play is engaging them the most from moment to moment.

They include the same blend of stories, poems, puppets, music, dressing up as we create open-ended environments for children to explore, shape and transform with their imaginations. This is a marvellous way to spend time however old you are.  If you are really lucky you might end up being something amazing like a superhero in a carwash.

We have run PlayTime residencies at Southern Links, Hartcliffe and Knowle West Children's Centres. These residencies included sessions for pres-school children and carers, professional development for children's centre staff and we left a PlayBox behind in each children's centre packed with resources so that staff could continue to promote creative play.

We also left PlayPacks in the centres, which are resources for families to borrow from the children's centre to take home.  PlayPacks contain stories an ideas for simple creative activities related to the story for families to try at home.