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The Investigators

A set of scientific street theatre shows for Bristol Bright Night


We were commissioned by the University of Bristol Centre for Public Engagement to create a set of engaging, accessible street theatre shows for Bristol Bright Night. Each show illustrated a scientific research project that was currently happening in Bristol. We were also asked to write and direct a new script to bring the PhD research work of Kelly Atkins on the circadian rhythms of plants to the Bristol streets. 


The Investigators asked what should we use water for? What happens if you really don't trust anyone? How do shoals of fish decide which way to swim? What's the weather going to be like in 80 years and why? And what happens if you disturb a sunflower's circadian rhythm?


Bristol Bright Night is an annual, international event aimed at giving the public opportunities to find out about current research projects happening in Bristol in interactive, engaging ways. 


Fade Away


Gill and Paul worked together with The Unimaginables Theatre Company on their devised children's show Fade Away.


Gill was dramaturg and assistant director, and Paul was a performer.


It was staged at the Ustinov Studio, Bath Theatre Royal. Set in an eerie forest, Fade Away drew heavily on Norse myth to tell the mysterious story of a Shadowtree and what happened to a little boy when his brother and sister simply forgot about him.



Media was a multi-media performance project we facilitated. Sixth form theatre studies students worked in collaboration with Paines Plough Theatre Company to write and direct the script. It was staged at Windsor Arts Centre.


It explored the impact that the explosion of different new media had upon our lives, and the idea that we are becoming trapped by screens.


The Christmas Truce


The Christmas Truce was a devised piece of theatre we created with Year 7-8 students. It explored the outbreak of the First World War, the propaganda, the "Home Front" and culminated with the remarkable events that occurred in some trenches in December 1914.


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Labelled  was a devised project we created, also with  Year 7-8 students. It explored the impact of the Second World War on the lives of children. The title referred to the Star of David sewn onto Jewish children's clothing, the Hitler Youth badge that many young German children were forced to wear, and the labels tied to evacuees.


Turn Back and Look Beneath


Turn Back and Look Beneath was the result of a 5-week devising residency with junior students from Chewton Mendip primary school.


It explored how World War One affected Chewton Mendip. In it, time ran backwards, beginning with war graves, and ending just before the outbreak of war.